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Amusing Mass Effect 2 Tidbit

So, i’m doing my second play through of Mass Effect 2 to get me ready for the release in March, and i come across something amusing that i don’t really remember from my first play through. For those that don’t know, on Illiam indentured servitude is legal. Yes, this sounds really bad, especially for the Americans who have a really bad past when it comes to slavery, But this system is different in that the servants aren’t forced into servitude (except possibly by their own bad decisions), and their care and job selection is limited by their contract when they enter the servitude; When i think about it, it’s kinda like if one were to join the military, cept they pretty much own you, yes i suppose you can make requests, buuut the final decisions are up to them.

Anywho, the thing that i found amusing was that when i deigned to help a Quarian (my fav race) to be sold to a certain company. The option i was given, and happily took, for them not taking her was that the company was racist for not taking on a slave that was Quarian, when in fact their objection wasn’t her race, but the fact that slavery made them look bad “Aint i a Stinka?”. The irony of this: that i called a company racist for not taking on a slave. This just really amused me so I decided To share it with the internet.

Now, let me say that despite the way indentured servitude is presented in this game to be not so bad, I don’t think it would be a good idea in real life. Even if we were to ignore the stigma attached to it in this country, the pessimist in me understands that it can easily be taken advantage of in the worst of ways.


Pokemon White & Dragon Age 2: First Impressions.

These games both came out really close together. I was in Gamestop (yes Gamestop haters. I don’t see them ruining the video game industry, and I bought the games new anyway.) on Sunday picking up my copy of Pokemon White, and then back again on Monday for the midnight release of Dragon Age 2. At First I thought that I was going to have to choose between the two, but it seems that my multi-tasking skills have prevailed. I have been able to keep playing both, DA2 while at home and Pokemon while i’m out and a bout. It helps that there is almost nothing to do at work, and when a customer needs help i can just flip it close and the game goes into standby. Playing both and keeping track of what’s going on did worry me at first, but it occurs to me that it’s a lot like reading a book and listening to an audio book, as long as i don’t space time out to much in between each, I still know what’s going on. Now, onto the actual games.

First Pokemon, because that’s the one that I got first. First thing that I really like about this game is that the pokemon center and pokemart are in the same building, it’s one stop now which is really nice. But this does bring me to the bit where after every time  you get your pokemon healed at the center, the nurse says “hope to see you again.” Essentially, she is saying “please go out and fight pokemon, and they get hurt so you can come back and get them healed.” It’s like a Hospital saying the same thing, which is almost okay, because they’re essentially a business and they want you going to that hospital instead of another one, but when an emergency occurs you’re not going to tell the driver of an ambulance not go to the nearest hospital becuase they overcharge, or the doctors are mean…unless you’re a Scientologist (religious intrigue…?). Same is the case with the centers, you’re not going to go to a different one, you’re going to go to the closest. They look identical and their service is free. Looking at the big picture this may just be left over Japanese manners where they “Thank you come again” is all rolled up in one expression, (Japanese speakers please help me out with this) and in addition with doing the direct translation, they didn’t notice or didn’t bother to change it. Or, in some fun twist to this ramble, they possibly did notice it but it was ingrained with the universe so they decided to keep it that way for nostalgia’s sake “Lalli-Ho” (if you get that reference, it means i did it right and koodo’s)

As for the rest of it, what do you want? It’s a pokemon game. If you like the others, chances are you’ll like this one. Other differences i’ve noticed is that only one of the starters adopts a new type (fire again), you can’t get a flying pokemon until route 3, and the camera moves during battle. now excuse me if that was something they incorporated in other games and i forgot, or it was HG/SS, but i didn’t play those games. There is quite a bit more action going on in the battle, and although it is still disappointing that the pokemon don’t actually say their name when sent out, the movement during combat is entertaining. and not just the camera, the pokemon have a set of movement, including closing their eyes when asleep.

So, right away, pokemon is a good game, and i don’t really expect my opinion of it to change while i continue to play it.

Now, for those just reading this for Dragon Age 2 stuff, stop scrolling here. Fist thing to note, something i just now (yea just now) is that if you look at the cover art, which is the man character and a dragon spreading it’s wings in the background, if you ignore the top half of the dragon, and only look at the bottom of it’s wings, it clearly forms into silhouettes of people. Right then, the actual game. I knew i was going to get this game simply from knowing i liked the first one. I knew i was going to pre-order this game because of how awesome the demo was. Seriously, it’s free, and if you’re even questioning the game, dl it and play it. One of the main annoyances of the first was that it was clearly meant to be played on the PC. Not this one, I mean, yes, it also came out for the PC, but it was obviously made with the fact that most will play it on a console in mind, seeing as the combat is a lot more involved and streamlined. You don’t just tell your character to who to attack and they do it, you have to tell it to do every attack. yes, you still only have access to 6 moves to use at a time, but the way you specialize deems that you will likely only use that many anyway.

As for the dialogue options, they have adopted the radial option that Mass Effect uses for both the conversations and menu screen, but unlike Mass Effect where your decisions are obviously “Good” or “Mean” and effect only your character, how you act in this game still only effects how your party members view you, and it’s not always as obvious as the good or bad, because each of the party members have their own moral compass. It’s also not also a bad thing that they don’t like you, as long as you’re consistent, because they each have certain abilities they gain for being your friend or rival. I just got done with Mass Effect 2, and i really like this radial menu, because you can consider all of your options and the same time. The thing Dragon age adds to it is for a bit of extra help you an image with form in the center of the circle in relation to what sort of response it is. Yes some are more obvious then others, and they’re usually in the same position, but it’s still a nice touch. Another really good addition is that if you have been considering the options for to long and need a refresher of what you’re responding to, the game will help you by putting up what the last line of dialogue was after a short pause.

Once again, first impression and i’m not disappointed. Clearly a great game, and one i will likely play with multiple run-throughs. But before the next time I should really finish the first one, not just to see what happens, but because you can actually upload the save file from the previous game to be what happened. If you haven’t finished, you still can do that, but they fill in the gaps for you if you do. The only really minor complaint i have about this game is that you can only choose your class and gender in the beginning of the game. I liked the option of being another race, but I don’t really miss it. Compared to the rest of the improvements, it’s a small whine along a long list of WOO-HOO!!!s

Mass Effect 2

Well, I just beat this game….finally…and so I figured I would write about it. Now, I didn’t stop playing this game because I didn’t like it anymore, it’s because I get distracted very easily. This time it was WoW, then Sims 3 on the PC, then Sims 3 on the console…then I think i played Splatterhouse for a bit, then Dungeon Keeper 2, then a friend of mine got me into League of Legends, which I will still play, but then i was able to rent Two Worlds 2…which i didn’t like, so i finished Mass Effect 2, but it didn’t take me very long because i was near the end anyway.

Enough of that long list of a run-on sentence. I don’t have an X-box, I have a PS3. Many reasons, but on the head of it was that all my co-workers had a PS3, I really wanted a Blu-ray player, and because i didn’t want to pay for internet play. The only thing on the side of X-box for me was some of the games, which didn’t really hold up when most of the good games on the X-box get ported to the PS3, and the others that I really want, I can play on the PC…if i ever get one good enough to support it *cough*.

This brings me to Mass Effect 2. I didn’t play the first one, when I heard that it was coming out on the PS3, I pre-ordered it right away. Turns out it doesn’t matter because after a short intro where the first Normandy gets destroyed, there is an interactive comic that not only explains what happens in the first game, but allows you to make pivotal decisions from the first one. Well, as i played, i discovered that there wasn’t anything much of an impact in your decisions. Yes, each decision i made did show up in the game, but none of them really effected the storyline. Because of this i can’t really compare it to the first, but thanks to the the comic and the Codex, i wasn’t really missing much.

The only things that i didn’t really like, i’ll get out of the way ahead of time. First off, i find it a little annoying that for most games to be popular nowadays, it has to be a shooter. Yes this is a third-person, and the characters had fun powers, but on the basics of elements, it’s a shooter with minor RPG aspects, and a cover shooter at that. I’m not saying i don’t like guns, or shooters even. I do like Call of Duty, and guns can be fun, I’m just annoyed that they come around a lot. I realize it’s the future, but i would have had more fun if melee combat played a bigger role. The other thing that annoyed me was that as an RPG, there wasn’t that much customization when it came to the main character. You are stuck with the abilities and weapons you start with with the only option of adding another weapon around midway through the game, and able to add on a new ability when you become more loyal with one of your crew mates. I didn’t really know what the abilities were from the description, or what I would need in the game (also because i didn’t play the first) so i picked the engineer, and picked up a Sniper Rifle at my first opportunity, making my character a melding of Tali and Legion, which was unfortunate because they were also two of my favorite characters and i didn’t need them on most missions.

Other then that, I really did enjoy this game. The story was great. I have never really played a great sci-fi RPG. No surprise that it reminded me a great deal of KotoR, seeing as it is made by the same people. I also really enjoyed the characters, which was great because just like the KotoR games, they were a big part of the game. Each characters had interesting back-stories, and they all had side-missions that related to them, and they were all important because if you didn’t do them, you wouldn’t get the better ending. The thing that was amusing that the ‘had’ to incorporate to be a current and risque game was to have a love scene with one of your crew mates. For me it was Tali, because she was the more interesting characters, and it made more sense with my character being an engineer they would have more in common. Also, I wanted to see what it was behind her mask…buuuut was disapointed because all you saw was it being taken off, and seeing her pounce on him through it…never getting to see her face. Another fun aspect of the characters was that it bugged me the whole game that i recognized her from something else. It took me until near the end for me to notice that Miranda was voiced by Yvonne Strahovski made famous by the TV show Chuck and was clearly used as a model for the character.

I also enjoyed that despite the fact that like most recent RPs it had a somewhat good/evil part of the story, but it didn’t really effect much, nor was played up as much as in other games. It was never as simple as going either way, your could to both, and they were both accumulated like an experience bar. The higher you were in each aspect, the more conversation options that were given. Another fun addition in this game that wasn’t in others, was that you actually had to pay attention during some of the conversation aspects, because you could randomly interrupt them with a reaction. My first use of this was to punch a reporter in the face that had smeared Shepard in the first game. Bringing up the character’s name reminds me of the fact that in many games where you can name the character yourself, the other character never use your name. You can choose your characters first name, but since the last name is always Shepard, that is what you are called by, and it’s refreshing to have ones character actually referred to.

In general, it had it’s flaws, but It was an enjoyable experience and i don’t at all regret getting it at the full price when it first came out on the PS3. I Do wish it was longer, but i guess that it’s just a tease until Mass Effect 3 comes out. Plus it’s fine because it definitely has it’s replay value.