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Amusing Mass Effect 2 Tidbit

So, i’m doing my second play through of Mass Effect 2 to get me ready for the release in March, and i come across something amusing that i don’t really remember from my first play through. For those that don’t know, on Illiam indentured servitude is legal. Yes, this sounds really bad, especially for the Americans who have a really bad past when it comes to slavery, But this system is different in that the servants aren’t forced into servitude (except possibly by their own bad decisions), and their care and job selection is limited by their contract when they enter the servitude; When i think about it, it’s kinda like if one were to join the military, cept they pretty much own you, yes i suppose you can make requests, buuut the final decisions are up to them.

Anywho, the thing that i found amusing was that when i deigned to help a Quarian (my fav race) to be sold to a certain company. The option i was given, and happily took, for them not taking her was that the company was racist for not taking on a slave that was Quarian, when in fact their objection wasn’t her race, but the fact that slavery made them look bad “Aint i a Stinka?”. The irony of this: that i called a company racist for not taking on a slave. This just really amused me so I decided To share it with the internet.

Now, let me say that despite the way indentured servitude is presented in this game to be not so bad, I don’t think it would be a good idea in real life. Even if we were to ignore the stigma attached to it in this country, the pessimist in me understands that it can easily be taken advantage of in the worst of ways.


Portal 2 – Review

Well, i just rented Portal 2 on Wednesday, and only just beat it yesterday…for the second time. The first time was just for fun, and the second was to get all the trophies i missed in the first time through…and for a bit of fun too. I haven’t gotten all the trophies yet because i need to do the co-op section, but i have to wait til PSN is back online because i am without a companion to help, and without an extra controller even if i did.

Anywho, about the game. It is great. It is only slightly longer then the previous although there is a whole bunch i haven’t played in the co-op section, but is still fun.  The humor is still there, sometimes i stalled doing what i was supposed to do just to hear what Wheatley or GLaDOS was going to say next, heck even the turrets had amusing things to say.

The new additions of the different liquids that had different properties was a fun and challenging thing to play with aswell. I especially liked the white paint that allowed you to put portals an the flat surfaces it painted.

I liked the original a lot, but this one did have more content then the 3 hours it took me to beat the other one, but i’m not sure if it’s worth the purchase. Yeah, it’s fun but once you have solved all the puzzles, there really isn’t much in the way of replay value.

Infamous Hard Playthrough

well, once again i have finished Infamous, and i am glad. After i went on a hunt for all the blast shards and all of the special ‘moves’ I would make another playthrough as a good guy again, and this time on hard. I am a bit annoyed as the credits roll and i have yet to get my hard earned trophie, but i’m just hoping it will be gained after the credits finish rolling. The other trophies i had to get were 100 High falls, 50 sticky gernades, 250 life-giving zaps, killing enemies whilst riding on the train (that was the hardest an most annoying one btw). This is my third platinum, but really it’s the first i had to work to get, the others were for Lego Harry Potter, and Ratchet and Klank, so this is the first that wasn’t a kids game, and actually meant to be difficult to get.

Infamous Second Play-Through

Well, as per the title I just finished my second play-through of Infamous. Infamous was one of the first games, if not the first game that i played, and shortly there-after beat for the PS3. It is among my favorites, and it is a small wonder that it took me this long to actually buy it. probably because it was one of the games i could easily just rent from blockbuster whenever i wanted. But this makes me all the more annoyed that the Playstation Network is STILL DOWN, and i can’t download the demo of Infamous 2. But that’s something else entirely, after all it is free, so i shouldn’t be complaining…..riiiiight.

Anywho, this run, because i played the good guy the first time, i went the evil path the second. Without spoiling to much, the endings are pretty much the same, with minor tweaks here and there, both of them make it blatantly obvious that this game was mostly just a set-up for the sequel. It does make me wonder whether or not you will be able to load your information from the first to see if you are already predisposed to go in either direction.

Something that really cheeses me as i look at this is that for some reason, i missed an evil side-mission, so i’ll have to go back and do them all over again, but i would have done this anyway, because although i thought that i had been playing on hard, aparently somewhere along the way, i switched it to medium…sooo i have to play again….poop. but not really because the game is really fun :3

Dragon Age 2 Review

Well, i just beat Dragon Age 2. Literally, as i am making this post, the credits are rolling. I played a Mage, Courted Merrill and did my best to be friends and not rivals of all of my companions, and did a fair enough job, they all were alive and sided with me at the end. Now, i hope that didn’t give too much away. If anyone has played the first one or Mass Effect, that sort of ending didn’t really give anything away. In light of this, i will try and talk as little as i can though-out the course of this blog.

My opinion on the game was that i liked it. I enjoyed it a great deal more then the first. This one is in many ways an improvement on the first. It may be because i haven’t played the first in a while, but the things that really different for me was that in the first one, i was always struggling. It was a great deal more difficult to stay alive, and although i felt a lot more powerful in this one, it didn’t seem like i was over-powered. I did struggle at times, but not at every turn like i did in the first one.

One of the big complaints that i heard about this game was the repetition in the ‘dungeons’. whenever you went on a quest in a certain area, the dungeon was always the same, with a few areas quarantined off. That didn’t really seem to bother me much, because getting from A and B may have been routine, the story around it was always different. The spiders did bug me though, why oh why did they have those sharp fang thingys coming out of their butts?

I am definitely going to play through this game again, and i’ve already decided as a Rogue. Not right away mind you, i have to beat the first one first, and likely beat Mass Effect 2 again before i do that….but not until after i watch the new episode of Doctor Who…or perhaps during.

Katamari Forever Review

This is a game that really needs no introduction. It kinda reminds me of a really game that might have gotten swept under the rug if not for it’s awesome fan following, kinda like Psychonauts and this game is no less odd. In the first game, (Katamari Damacy)the king got drunk (or possibly high given the pot leaves in the opening) and knocked all the stars out of the sky and it is up to the tiny prince to replace them by rolling up anything and everything his Katamari ball can roll over, starting on the tiniest scale of matches and erasers, all the way up to houses. Well, that was the first game at least. I didn’t really play the second, We Love Katamari, but i believe that was the one to introduce the siblings, but in the ps3 installment: Katamari Forever the king isn’t responsible for the stars falling out of the sky, this time it’s a robot version that malfunctioned, and in the process knocks the king into a coma. Once again, it is up to teh Prince, and his siblings to help the self-conscious robot king bring back the stars, and to journey into the real kings dreams to wake him up.

I played the first game back in my early years of college, and it really was one of the weirdest and most simplistic games. You control the prince, and the Katamari ball with the two joysticks of the ps2 controller, a confusing process and one needed to get used to but i was really fun to start from smaller then a mouse to literally rolling up everything in the sky. I did get bored of this game…eventually, but i am going to go back to playing it eventually, likely even after i have gotten all of the trophies, and this is more then likely one that i will put the time into getting. Although getting the trophies will be challenging, it isn’t as much of a relentless grind like the trophies for Disgaea 3 seem to be

Pokemon White Update (2)

Well now, it has been a really long time since I last posted, and it has actually been just as long since I last played Pokemon. But since I did play it a little bit, I might as well write an update. So, here goes.

When last i posted, i was getting read to challenge the lightning gym leader, so naturally i assembled a group of ground pokemon. As of yet, i only had the one Ground pokemon: Sandile, but i did have another pokemon (Tympole) which evolves into Palpitoad, which, although is still a water type, the ground type cancels the electricity out. So, I picked those two up at my local pokemon center after dropping off Tranquill and Blitzle, but i figured i still needed one more, so i headed back to Wellspring to pick up my last ground type, and lvl up a bit at the same time.

This guy is Drilbur. He looks awesome, and because he only appears in dust clouds, i figured he must be a pretty good pokemon. Unfortunately, unlike with rustling grass, where you can farm for them by running nearby some grass, you can’t do that in the cave, because everywhere is an encounter area. It took stoopid me a while to figure out that i needed to use repel to better my chances of coming across some dust. So after some Repel (about4 or 5 uses) i finally got in a battle with a dribur in a dust cloud, and after a relatively easy battle, caught him with an ultra-ball. With my gopher in tow holding an Exp Share and dropping off my Tirtouga, i headed to Desert Resort to lvl, and capture another pokemon i missed on my first time through.

This pokemon with just really reminds me of Unown, is actually not at all related and is called Siglyph. It is rare in the Desert Resort, and the only one i came across before i accidentally killed (made faint). It also wasn’t all that important because i already had a psychic and a flying pokemon, so no need of another, specially one as goofy looking as that. However, with the catch-em-all attitude, and the need to lvl anyway, i went in search of this rare psychic guardian. This one was a bit more obnoxious because it didn’t show up in any special area i could farm for, i had to run around until i came across one, and i had gotten rid of all my pokemon that was strong against ground/dark and bug/rock, making it harder to lvl. but after enough persistence if finally managed to get one of these weirdos into a Great Ball. Despite all that work, i wasn’t actually going to us this pokemon, so i simply stored it and headed away from the desert and onto Route 3 to level some more

While i was lvling i came across some all new pokemon and i had to catchem. First was, honestly, the first poison pokemon that i considered acrually using, lil’ Trubbish here. With the way he looks and his Pokedex red-out of “The combination of garbage bags and industrial waste caused the chemical reaction that crated this Pokémon” just makes you go “d’awww, you just the cutest result of polution i have ever seeeeen”. I’ve always avoided poison because they easily fall to my favorite pokemon type (psychic) but i am actually considering adding this guy to the team after I finish with the ‘lectric gym.

Speaking of those awesome brainy pokemon, I came across the second pokemon that is only in White verson: Solosis. It’s counterpart in the Black version is the mobid looking Gothita. Seeing her morbid appearance and annoyed at the lost opportunity of a Dark/Psychic pokemon, i really prefer my bubble buddy here. Not enough to actually put him in my party because Victini is so epic, but i preffer to have him mingle in my pokemon box over on of the more emo looking pokemon…even though i don’t really understand diamond or the squigle…

The next new pokemon i came across was the squirrelly  lil pokemon Minccino. I caught him in the dark grass because it was a lot easier to lvl there because of the stronger pokemon and that many of the battles are against multiple pokemon. For the most part, I don’t really like Normal pokemon. They are good in the beginning of the game to fill out your collection, but other then strong moves, they usually don’t have a whole lot going for them. It also really annoys main appeal of this guy is that he is shoooo cuuuuute.

This was the last new pokemon that i came across, and i readily caught it  because I’m not really using Purrlion anymore, and it’s easier to catch the evolved form that is Liepard instead of evolving it myself. Is this lazy? Hellz yea, but if they didn’t want you to do it this way, they wouldn’t have had lipards prowling around out there. I do know that the advantage of evolving pokemon yourself is that you can better customize their moves, and i think they may be stronger, but like i said, i don’t plan on using it. If i do, i likely will go through the trouble of evolving it myself.

It was after i had caught all of these pokemon that a friend of mine who is further along in the game than i told me that using ground pokemon is a bad idea “for serious”. Reason being that two of the three of the electric gyms pokemon are also fliers that could massacre my ground pokemon, and are immune to the ground moves that would normally decimate an electric pokemon. A little disappointed, but glad to be rid of the damn dirty-dile and tad-pole to replace them with a Dwebble and Roggenrolla. I kept Drilbur because he’s awesome and i still haven’t fought any of the other trainers in the gym. I have still been lvling, but seeing as i have just posted, meaning if i were to play more the next update wouldn’t have to be as long, i may play more. Then again, i did also pick up the new Golden Sun, so maybe not.