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Book Review: All Your Base Are Belong To Us: How Fifty Years of Videogames Conquered Pop Culture

That is a really long title. I was at borders looking at the D&D books. On the shelf below them were strategy guides that i have found little use for since i discovered that all that information is on the internet anyway, albeit without most of the pretty pictures. Stashed next to them was this book with a really long title. Any gamer worth their controller should get the reference to a poorly translated Japanese videogame, but i really thought that the first portion of the title was unneccesarry, because the important part that got me to buy and eventually read the book was the history aspect of it.

I already knew the bare bones, about the video game crash of the mid-80s and how that funny Japanese guy from Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto made sure they survived, but I didn’t really know the specifics. I wanted to learn the specifics though, which is why I picked up this book. It starts out with a short bit about what the author suspects is the first videogame created, and procedes chronologically from there.

To be honest, i lost a bit of interest when i started chapter 6: The Rise of Electronic Arts. Yes there were great things like the Sim games that they made, but they also made the most annoying games: Madden. However, i kept reading and gained an appreciation for it, seeing as the great amount of money they gained from Madden and other sports games, allows them to make Sims and Dragon Age, games I do find great enjoyment on.

After that the game becomes less chronological and more focusing on impactful games like the rise and fall of Everquest, the good and bad of Rockstar sandbox games, and the awesome artistic aspect of Bioshock, aswell as many more. I would recommend this book to Gamers, but really to anyone that would like to understand the history and evolution of games.