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Gamer, dork, nerd, geek, I wear all these titles with pride. What is this blog going to be about? I don’t quite know yet, but It’ll likely mostly involve me talking about movies and games, seeing as that is the main focus of my entertainment.

As for a bit of back story, i grew up in the 90s, and even though my cousin had a Nintendo, it didn’t ever have one, but i do still have my Super Nintendo and original big-ass gray Gameboy, and all my games and because they’re both Nintendo products, they still work. I played the crap out of my SNES, but i mostly remember playing RPGs, my favorites being Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III (or FFIV and FFVI as they were known as outside of the SNES) Secret of Evermore, Chrono Trigger, and Earthbound. When I wasn’t gaming, I enjoyed watching TV and Movies, but aparently not enough to remember my favorites other then the TV shows Star Trek TNG and Voyager and the Star Wars movies, and The Matrix. Sensing a theme here? Oh, I also read a lot in Junior High and High School authors being Robert Jordan, Orson Scott Card, R. A. Salvatore, Terry Goodkind and a whole lot of Star Wars books.

Coming up to present day stuff about me. The only current gen system I own is a PS3 that I got just last year, but I play a lot of games. So much that even though i have only had it for a year and am lvl 12. To put a bit of perspective on that, i have trophies in 66 games. There are a couple of other games I have that don’t have trophies like Saints Row 2 and Lego Star Wars Complete Saga, but there aren’t that many. Now, that doesn’t mean that I am skilled, just that I play a lot. It also doesn’t mean that I buy a lot of games, I just rent a lot. On that note, I rent a lot of movies. I don’t see them in theaters often but I rent most of the big title movies when they come out on DVD/Blue-Ray. This being the case, i can and will likely talk a lot about movies and games, although i will also likely talk about tv shows, anime, books, tabletop RPs, or anything else I find interesting to talk about.

If this interests you please subscribe, critique, or question, i like them all.