Thor – Review

This is another in a looooong line of Marvel movies. Many of them sucked, and a bunch of other were awesome. I liked this as a movie by itself, but as a comparison to the comics, i’m not one to judge. Most of the comics i read are X-Men, or mutant related, i didn’t read many of the Avengers. I have started reading some of the new avengers ones, but none of those have Thor..for some reason he’s dead in those, but in true comic book fashion, not permanently.

Anywho, about the movie. I watched a review before seeing it, so i wasn’t surprised by Natalie Portman, but i was pleasantly Surprised by Kat Dennings. Natalie Portman was great but i have been a fan of Kat Dennings since 40-Year-Old Virgin, and the only movie i didn’t like with her in it was House Bunny. She added a goofy side-kick sorta personality for Natalie. Yes it’s an action movie, but i really like the funny characters in an action movie, and the fact that she’s really hawt is another plus.

The other really big plus was that all of the costumes and Asgard itself was so over the top, but in a wonderful eccentric way. The costumes were so awesome and odd, but they went well with the Asgard appearance (Rainbow Bridge, teehee) and while they were on earth it was the whole mentality of “yeah, we’re goofy looking, and don’t blend at all, but who cares, we’re freaking gods”.

This also just makes me that much more excited for the Avengers movie.

P.S. Don’t leave durring the credits you dummies. This is a Marvel movie, so you know there is something at the end of them.

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