Fast Five – Review

Today…or rather, yesterday because i am making this entry after midnight, is…or was, my birthday. On it, i went to see this movie. Once again, i saw a review before i saw it. From seeing that review i wasn’t at all excited to see it, but because i was seeing with my sister, brother-in-law, and friend of my sister’s, i figured i would give it a chance, and i’m glad i did. It was a fun mindless action movie. There really isn’t much other then that that i can say, because it’s really one of those movies that if you’re just looking for action with cars you’re going to love, but if you’re looking for something else, why the hell are you watching this movie? You should really know what to expect from the other 4 movies, cept this one is chock full of other action stars, and characters from the other movies.

The one thing i should say is stay through the credits, because there is a scene at the end with a teaser and obvious set-up for a sequel.

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