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Portal 2 – Review

Well, i just rented Portal 2 on Wednesday, and only just beat it yesterday…for the second time. The first time was just for fun, and the second was to get all the trophies i missed in the first time through…and for a bit of fun too. I haven’t gotten all the trophies yet because i need to do the co-op section, but i have to wait til PSN is back online because i am without a companion to help, and without an extra controller even if i did.

Anywho, about the game. It is great. It is only slightly longer then the previous although there is a whole bunch i haven’t played in the co-op section, but is still fun.  The humor is still there, sometimes i stalled doing what i was supposed to do just to hear what Wheatley or GLaDOS was going to say next, heck even the turrets had amusing things to say.

The new additions of the different liquids that had different properties was a fun and challenging thing to play with aswell. I especially liked the white paint that allowed you to put portals an the flat surfaces it painted.

I liked the original a lot, but this one did have more content then the 3 hours it took me to beat the other one, but i’m not sure if it’s worth the purchase. Yeah, it’s fun but once you have solved all the puzzles, there really isn’t much in the way of replay value.


Fast Five – Review

Today…or rather, yesterday because i am making this entry after midnight, is…or was, my birthday. On it, i went to see this movie. Once again, i saw a review before i saw it. From seeing that review i wasn’t at all excited to see it, but because i was seeing with my sister, brother-in-law, and friend of my sister’s, i figured i would give it a chance, and i’m glad i did. It was a fun mindless action movie. There really isn’t much other then that that i can say, because it’s really one of those movies that if you’re just looking for action with cars you’re going to love, but if you’re looking for something else, why the hell are you watching this movie? You should really know what to expect from the other 4 movies, cept this one is chock full of other action stars, and characters from the other movies.

The one thing i should say is stay through the credits, because there is a scene at the end with a teaser and obvious set-up for a sequel.

Thor – Review

This is another in a looooong line of Marvel movies. Many of them sucked, and a bunch of other were awesome. I liked this as a movie by itself, but as a comparison to the comics, i’m not one to judge. Most of the comics i read are X-Men, or mutant related, i didn’t read many of the Avengers. I have started reading some of the new avengers ones, but none of those have Thor..for some reason he’s dead in those, but in true comic book fashion, not permanently.

Anywho, about the movie. I watched a review before seeing it, so i wasn’t surprised by Natalie Portman, but i was pleasantly Surprised by Kat Dennings. Natalie Portman was great but i have been a fan of Kat Dennings since 40-Year-Old Virgin, and the only movie i didn’t like with her in it was House Bunny. She added a goofy side-kick sorta personality for Natalie. Yes it’s an action movie, but i really like the funny characters in an action movie, and the fact that she’s really hawt is another plus.

The other really big plus was that all of the costumes and Asgard itself was so over the top, but in a wonderful eccentric way. The costumes were so awesome and odd, but they went well with the Asgard appearance (Rainbow Bridge, teehee) and while they were on earth it was the whole mentality of “yeah, we’re goofy looking, and don’t blend at all, but who cares, we’re freaking gods”.

This also just makes me that much more excited for the Avengers movie.

P.S. Don’t leave durring the credits you dummies. This is a Marvel movie, so you know there is something at the end of them.

Infamous Hard Playthrough

well, once again i have finished Infamous, and i am glad. After i went on a hunt for all the blast shards and all of the special ‘moves’ I would make another playthrough as a good guy again, and this time on hard. I am a bit annoyed as the credits roll and i have yet to get my hard earned trophie, but i’m just hoping it will be gained after the credits finish rolling. The other trophies i had to get were 100 High falls, 50 sticky gernades, 250 life-giving zaps, killing enemies whilst riding on the train (that was the hardest an most annoying one btw). This is my third platinum, but really it’s the first i had to work to get, the others were for Lego Harry Potter, and Ratchet and Klank, so this is the first that wasn’t a kids game, and actually meant to be difficult to get.