The Tourist Review

This movie wasn’t really what I expected, but i did enjoy it. It was likely because of the advertisements and the fact that it’s JD’s forte that i was expecting a movie that was an action/comedy sort of movie, but it was more of an action/drama spy movie with twists and turns throughout. Even though i did have the final twist figured out near the middle of the movie, the movie itself did have me questioning, and i really like being right about this sort of thing.

The movie did actually remind me a lot of the movie The American, cept I wasn’t disappointed. With the American it came off as an action move, but was really more of a drama, and a somewhat boring one at that. This one was more drama then action, but it did have a great deal of fun action moments, and although there weren’t as many comedy moments, they were there and amusing.

So, as a bit of a sum up. Great movie, and wasn’t what i was expecting in a very good way. If you want some funny action with a goofy JD then watch Pirates. This movie is a good one to watch with the girlfriend what it really is under all the chase scenes is a love story.

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