Katamari Forever Review

This is a game that really needs no introduction. It kinda reminds me of a really game that might have gotten swept under the rug if not for it’s awesome fan following, kinda like Psychonauts and this game is no less odd. In the first game, (Katamari Damacy)the king got drunk (or possibly high given the pot leaves in the opening) and knocked all the stars out of the sky and it is up to the tiny prince to replace them by rolling up anything and everything his Katamari ball can roll over, starting on the tiniest scale of matches and erasers, all the way up to houses. Well, that was the first game at least. I didn’t really play the second, We Love Katamari, but i believe that was the one to introduce the siblings, but in the ps3 installment: Katamari Forever the king isn’t responsible for the stars falling out of the sky, this time it’s a robot version that malfunctioned, and in the process knocks the king into a coma. Once again, it is up to teh Prince, and his siblings to help the self-conscious robot king bring back the stars, and to journey into the real kings dreams to wake him up.

I played the first game back in my early years of college, and it really was one of the weirdest and most simplistic games. You control the prince, and the Katamari ball with the two joysticks of the ps2 controller, a confusing process and one needed to get used to but i was really fun to start from smaller then a mouse to literally rolling up everything in the sky. I did get bored of this game…eventually, but i am going to go back to playing it eventually, likely even after i have gotten all of the trophies, and this is more then likely one that i will put the time into getting. Although getting the trophies will be challenging, it isn’t as much of a relentless grind like the trophies for Disgaea 3 seem to be

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