Pokemon White Update (1)

First off, I would just like to ask anyone that reads this to post a comment. Even if it’s just “first” or “this is dumb” or “open an english book an learn some grammar”. This isn’t because I need an ego stroke, it’s because I have been getting a spike in views, but they seem to directly correlate with refers from a site that doesn’t really exist. This has me wondering if my views only come from these face refers, or if I really do have viewers, so please, make yourselves known. If you don’t want me to publish the comment, that’s fine, just say so in the comment.

alright, onto the update. these are the pokemon i have caught/recieved:


Route 1:

Route 2:


Route 3:

Wellspring Cave:

Pinwheel Forrest:

Nacrene City (trade):

Liberty Garden:

Route 4:

Desert Resort:

Maractus Dwebble

Relic Castle:

Nacrene City (Fossil):

Pokemon Gotten Through Evolutions:

Currently in Party:


I would like to go further in-depth of what have done so far, but it isn’t as fresh in my memory so it would likely just be listing what happened instead of talking about it…

Man, that took a lot longer then I thought it would, and i really hope the images work out okay. Anywho, I am currently in Nimbasa City, and have yet to defeat the Gym Leader, but I did just beat N after the Ferris wheel, which actually was kinda like an interesting cut-scene before the fight…hmm

Well, seeing as how long that took, i may do these more regularly, possibly with more naration. Mostly this was to bring people up to speed.

Once again, please comment, and I’ll even say this, if you comment, I will look at your blog and comment on yours…I may even subscribe if I like it.


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