eXistenZ (Review)

This is a movie that I caught on TV a couple of years ago, and when I saw it on Blockbuster Online, I figured I would add it to my queue. The story-line of the movie is about game developer named Allegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh who made a game for a Game Pod, who has to go on the run with Ted Pikul (Jude Law) because an anti-game terrorist organization is trying to kill her at the testing party of her new game: eXistenZ. The Game Pod is a bit of bio-technology, and you play the game by plugging what looks like an umbilical card into the base of ones spine. When playing the game, the player was completely immersed in the game seeming to leave their own body behind.

The underlying message throughout the whole movie is a warning of where we are going with realism in games, and the danger of virtual reality, and how the characters routinely cannot tell whether they are in the game or in the real world which is really driven home with the last line of the movie. One could think this movie was anti-video game, with it’s clear view of it getting out of control, and harming the environment. However it was shown so poorly and was trying to hard by having the testing of the game take place in a church.

This wasn’t a great movie, and probably would have done better as a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode, and that is really what it felt like throughout the whole movie because it was the message that I really liked, but not the presentation.

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