Harvest Moon (Part 2…End?)

Well, it occurs to me that although I still do like the idea doing a post along of what I do in Harvest Moon, I doubt I will actually do it any time soon. Why you ask? (and by you I mean the zero subscribers at this point or perhaps the one person that may be interested in reading older posts) Because two really fun games (Dragon Age II and Pokemon Black/White) come out next week, and I doubt I’ll be coming back to Harvest Moon any time soon. So, I’m going to do in this post what a forgot to do in the other: a general description of the game. This will probably be a really short post.

Well, anyone that plays a harvest moon game would know there really isn’t a major story of the game. The thing all of them have in common is Take care of crops a/o animals, befriend villagers, find ways to improve farm. However in the recent Harvest Moon games (I’m noticing) there is something going on in the background. In this one, it’s the collecting of Sun Stones and raising the Sunshine Islands. In this way, you have to actually earn and unlock the various aspects of the game: volcano island is the mine, Mystic Island has the Harvest Goddess, Animal Island has animal friends to make that will do chores for you. There are 100 to collect and some are scattered around randomly on the islands, but most have to be earned by befriending villagers, shipping a certain amount of crops, in general, things one would do anyway just to feel accomplishment, but are encouraged to do to ‘complete’ the game. I really liked this aspect, because things could really become stagnant in the other games, doing the same things over and over again, but this encourages you to do these things with an underlining goal. This also gives a bit of an ‘end’ to the game, but like all but the first-and i think one of the gameboy games-you can play on until eternity.

I will likely come back to this game in the future-likely on a plane ride to Boston I’ll be going on in the summer-and I may post again and I’ll try to make it more entertaining. Thinking back on my last posts, and what i do post, it’s often just an analysis and list of what happens, where as now I am just posting what comes to mind while I type. This will likely prove to be random and possibly confusing, buuut this manner is typically more amusing for both me and the reader, and since i’m likely the only one going to read this in the future, so much the better.

come to think of it (last minute thought here) I also like the idea of going along and posting what i do in Pokemon too…and because my computer is almost never far away while playing, the things i do would likely be more fresh in my mind….sooooo look forward to that…maybe

you may notice i don’t like certainties, i.e. i don’t ever say something definite without adding a likely, maybe, possibly, etc. Why, because I really don’t like being called on my shit. “you said you were going to do *blank*” to which i could reply “nooo, i said i might“. Is this a pathetic cop-out? You bet your ass. Does this make me unreliable, possibly, but when someone asks me to do something and make it clear that it’s important, if I agree to it I almost always come through, and almost always is as definite as a get. Why don’t I just straight say i’m reliable for important stuff? Because I’m forgetful and there is likely a time i haven’t come through, and I don’t like to lie and also, see the first part.

Well, that really came out of nowhere, but it is a peak at who I am and was rambletastic, and not entirely related to Harvest moon….

alright, this is the end of this post…

I mean it…

I’m off…


I go…


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