Harvest Moon (Part 1)

The First Harvest Moon game I played was the first Harvest Moon ever, which was on the SNES. It had been a really looong time, so I had to research it a bit to refresh my memory. The main things that I remember, and the reason I only played through it once is that you can only play the game for 2 and a half years before your parents came back, something that was remedied in all other Harvest Moon games I played. Understandably there was less in the first game, only 4 crops, 2 in summer and 2 in spring. The other thing they hadn’t worked out yet was that dime would stop at around midnight. One could clear out their field (and in the first game it was pretty big) in the first night…as long as one didn’t wear themselves out. One final fun thing that happened was that at the end of the game I somehow managed to have 2 kids, a feat not possible in any of the other games.

After This game I did dabble a bit in the gameboy Harvest Moon, but I didn’t really get back into a Harvest Moon kick until Harvest Moon 64 came out. With a a new animal (sheep) and a almost twice as many crops. It also had the fun addition of the Greenhouse. It also added more to do with collecting pictures for your photo album and more additions to your house, including a kitchen to cook things. The other fun aspect that i found out late in the game is that it was important to make friends with the villagers other then the women, because if you did they would get married to each other.

For a while I didn’t play any of the new Harvest Moon games. Mostly because I didn’t have the Systems for it, but recently a friend of mine was talking about it, and decided to grab me some of that again. As such I picked up Rune Factory 3, and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands. I played Rune Factory for a little bit, but I wasn’t really getting the Harvest Moon feel from it…mostly just the monster killin’ I can get in any other game. Then I popped in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands….I’m not ashamed to say that I’m hooked…aaand because I haven’t posted here for very long, I decided to post about what I do and see how it goes.

Well, the first new thing I noticed was was the Farm Degree, and that one can’t improve your farm equipment just by using them, one has to use something called Wonderfuls to make them better, and also buy a better tool so it is able to upgrade. The first goal was to get lumber for an upgrade to the house to make a kitchen and make my crops worth more. This proved to be difficult because there aren’t that many stumps, and branches don’t show up much either. The better way is to fish up branches which one needs to save up 5k to buy the pole. After the first landmark, I had to start sucking up to the villagers to get them to give up their sunstones. I made the mistake of getting the Link Island just because it was the cheapest, But then I saved up enough to raise Volcano Island, so i could mine up the material i need to get the charms i need to get more stamina….my next goal is to build a chicken coop before winter…since there are no plants i can grow and i can get a better income that way….perhaps not better but more steady.

That’s all for now, we’ll see what else i do, and if i have anything more entertaining to say…

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