Mass Effect 2

Well, I just beat this game….finally…and so I figured I would write about it. Now, I didn’t stop playing this game because I didn’t like it anymore, it’s because I get distracted very easily. This time it was WoW, then Sims 3 on the PC, then Sims 3 on the console…then I think i played Splatterhouse for a bit, then Dungeon Keeper 2, then a friend of mine got me into League of Legends, which I will still play, but then i was able to rent Two Worlds 2…which i didn’t like, so i finished Mass Effect 2, but it didn’t take me very long because i was near the end anyway.

Enough of that long list of a run-on sentence. I don’t have an X-box, I have a PS3. Many reasons, but on the head of it was that all my co-workers had a PS3, I really wanted a Blu-ray player, and because i didn’t want to pay for internet play. The only thing on the side of X-box for me was some of the games, which didn’t really hold up when most of the good games on the X-box get ported to the PS3, and the others that I really want, I can play on the PC…if i ever get one good enough to support it *cough*.

This brings me to Mass Effect 2. I didn’t play the first one, when I heard that it was coming out on the PS3, I pre-ordered it right away. Turns out it doesn’t matter because after a short intro where the first Normandy gets destroyed, there is an interactive comic that not only explains what happens in the first game, but allows you to make pivotal decisions from the first one. Well, as i played, i discovered that there wasn’t anything much of an impact in your decisions. Yes, each decision i made did show up in the game, but none of them really effected the storyline. Because of this i can’t really compare it to the first, but thanks to the the comic and the Codex, i wasn’t really missing much.

The only things that i didn’t really like, i’ll get out of the way ahead of time. First off, i find it a little annoying that for most games to be popular nowadays, it has to be a shooter. Yes this is a third-person, and the characters had fun powers, but on the basics of elements, it’s a shooter with minor RPG aspects, and a cover shooter at that. I’m not saying i don’t like guns, or shooters even. I do like Call of Duty, and guns can be fun, I’m just annoyed that they come around a lot. I realize it’s the future, but i would have had more fun if melee combat played a bigger role. The other thing that annoyed me was that as an RPG, there wasn’t that much customization when it came to the main character. You are stuck with the abilities and weapons you start with with the only option of adding another weapon around midway through the game, and able to add on a new ability when you become more loyal with one of your crew mates. I didn’t really know what the abilities were from the description, or what I would need in the game (also because i didn’t play the first) so i picked the engineer, and picked up a Sniper Rifle at my first opportunity, making my character a melding of Tali and Legion, which was unfortunate because they were also two of my favorite characters and i didn’t need them on most missions.

Other then that, I really did enjoy this game. The story was great. I have never really played a great sci-fi RPG. No surprise that it reminded me a great deal of KotoR, seeing as it is made by the same people. I also really enjoyed the characters, which was great because just like the KotoR games, they were a big part of the game. Each characters had interesting back-stories, and they all had side-missions that related to them, and they were all important because if you didn’t do them, you wouldn’t get the better ending. The thing that was amusing that the ‘had’ to incorporate to be a current and risque game was to have a love scene with one of your crew mates. For me it was Tali, because she was the more interesting characters, and it made more sense with my character being an engineer they would have more in common. Also, I wanted to see what it was behind her mask…buuuut was disapointed because all you saw was it being taken off, and seeing her pounce on him through it…never getting to see her face. Another fun aspect of the characters was that it bugged me the whole game that i recognized her from something else. It took me until near the end for me to notice that Miranda was voiced by Yvonne Strahovski made famous by the TV show Chuck and was clearly used as a model for the character.

I also enjoyed that despite the fact that like most recent RPs it had a somewhat good/evil part of the story, but it didn’t really effect much, nor was played up as much as in other games. It was never as simple as going either way, your could to both, and they were both accumulated like an experience bar. The higher you were in each aspect, the more conversation options that were given. Another fun addition in this game that wasn’t in others, was that you actually had to pay attention during some of the conversation aspects, because you could randomly interrupt them with a reaction. My first use of this was to punch a reporter in the face that had smeared Shepard in the first game. Bringing up the character’s name reminds me of the fact that in many games where you can name the character yourself, the other character never use your name. You can choose your characters first name, but since the last name is always Shepard, that is what you are called by, and it’s refreshing to have ones character actually referred to.

In general, it had it’s flaws, but It was an enjoyable experience and i don’t at all regret getting it at the full price when it first came out on the PS3. I Do wish it was longer, but i guess that it’s just a tease until Mass Effect 3 comes out. Plus it’s fine because it definitely has it’s replay value.

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