Wing Commander

I’m not sure if anyone bothered to remember this movie. I barely remembered it when i came across it on Blockbuster Online, but i thought i would give it a shot. As I was watching it, I was having a hard time remembering what was so bad about it. Until it came to the space scenes that were really crappy, and they also played the typical annoying sci-fi mistake of making noise in space that only Firefly/Serenity managed to avoid. They also had the really horrible alien puppets that only moved their eyes and mouths. It might have been a better movie, or at least more popular, if that hadn’t cast Freddie Prince Jr an Matthew Lillard in a Movie that was ‘supposed’ to be based on a video game. Yeah, let’s put Fred and Shaggy into space and have them fly around shooting aliens. Oh and just for kicks, lets have the goofy guy (Shaggy) have a dramatic situation that makes him all sad-faced. In the original game Mark Hamil did one of the voices. Gee, I wonder if Luke Skywalker would have been a good casting choice for Nerds.

What’s that? This movie was based on a game? Why yes it was. Not a game I’ve ever played, because it was a flight simulator made in the 90s, and i wasn’t really that much of a computer gamer until a while after it was released, and even then i really didn’t stray far from games that were made by Blizzard. I was also more of a console gamer, and the computer was in the basement, where it was cold.

Back to the game though, It actually had cut scenes that had actual actors and were FMV. This was actually a common practice in that time done by other games like Myst and Star Wars Dark Forces. So, in my eyes, a better movie would have been if they had just made a longer version of one of those.

The thing that I really did like about the movie was the Pilgrim Side-story. Pilgrims were the first to explore the galaxy. It wasn’t very well described but to jump from one point to another, they would travel close to spacial anomalies like quasars and black holes and just the right point. The Pilgrims developed a sense that allowed them to do this naturally, but then an A.I. was invented that could do this without the pilgrims. It wasn’t really explained well or elaborated upon, other then some minor racism because Freddy was half-pilgrim, and he was the only one that could jump in certain situations and save the day! I would have really appreciated more on this story. They even had their own version of the Cross, that had a thin blade that popped out at the bottom. It just screamed being stabbed into a console or something making technology work better….or something, I don’t know, but they showed it off without really describing what it does.

A fun scene was a prequel to the bullet dodge scene in the matrix where the camera swings around which happened when the world seemed to freeze in the moment of the jump. Obviously this one was poorly done. Choppy and clearly just thrown in as an afterthought. To bad it was done better later in the same month in The Matrix.

Really though, it was fun to watch. There aren’t that many sci-fi movies, and usually they are really good/innovative, or really bad/funny. Guess what kind this movie is.

  1. We are gratified to read your take on Wing Commander. Like us, we think you are able to enjoy it more because you were not overly attached to the game universe.

    It is nice to see run into others who enjoyed the Pilgrim subplot. It would have been nice to see it expanded upon. As for the blade in the Pilgrim cross? It was used to stab a traitor to the Confederation, a plot cut from the movie.

    13 years later we just decided to post on the movie. Here is our take with lots of pics and perhaps a little wit if you are interested:

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